• Historic Preservation Celebration with 3 days of Beer Themed FUN!

    Historic Preservation Celebration with 3 days of Beer Themed FUN!

    Dating back almost 200 years and with  a long commitment to preservation, Mineral Point is a community that values its history and architectural preservation and re-use. The 4th Annual Historic Preservation Celebration focuses this year on the history of taverns and breweries in this fIrst City in Wisconsin named to the National Register of Historic Places. Make plans now to join us for this event.

    Thursday, May 2. 7 pm: Watch BREWMASTER, the story of a craft beer as told through a young New York lawyer who dreams of opening his own brewery. It will be shown at the 1914 Mineral Point Opera House. Have a brew and enjoy the show! 

    Friday, May 3. 6 pm: Join us for a "Brewsky" Dinner at the Historic Walker House (and explore one of our favorite pubs.) From the appetizers to the Guinness chocolate cake, much of the meal will be prepared with beer. Eat and drink your way through four periods of American history!

    Saturday, May 4. Noon-5 pm: We have found over 20 downtown buildings that have at one point in history been a bar/tavern/saloon/sample room or brewery. This is your chance to visit them and imagine a time when life was quite a bit different here.  Most of the former taverns are participating in a beer walk with regionally brewed  beers to sample as you browse through unique shops. 

    Spend the evening dining in one of our restaurants and enjoying drink specials, music and games!

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