• Historic Mineral Point Architectural Tours

  • These tours are designed to take you past buildings of historic and architectural interest. Mineral Point has a very irregular pattern of streets, many of them determined by the paths of early lead miners. You should follow the described routes carefully as they appear on the map. Unless otherwise specified, private houses are not open to the public. 

    The buildings selected will provide an introduction to the architectural history of the city. Each building is identified by its original name, the current address, the style it most closely resembles, the building material(s), and its approximate date. Then each description explains more about the historical and architectural significance of the building.

    The separate sections on Architectural Styles, Types of Stone Used in Mineral Point Buildings, and the Glossary of Architectural Terms, along with the descriptions of the buildings themselves will also assist you when looking at other buildings not on this tour. When you look at a building begin with trying to identify the large-scale features, such as the shape of the building, the roof-form, and whether the facade is symmetrical or asymmetrical. Then look at the architectural details such as the windows, doors, columns, etc. and note the material(s) used in the building. Also try to notice whether all of the features look original or if they have been changed at a later date. Soon you will find yourself looking at buildings in a different way and building your own knowledge of architecture.