• Mineral Point Virtual Tip Jar

  • With bars and restaurants shut down except for carryout and delivery services, our service industry workers are without their usual income. This virtual tip jar is for local servic employees to post their Venmo or PayPal information so that customers can continue to support them during the financial strains from shut downs. 

    How does a Virtual Tip Jar work?

    Service workers can click the arrow link to register, and complete a short Google survey to share their name, establishment, status, and direct payment details (PayPal, Venmo, etc.).

    Customers can click the $ link to "tip" a service worker. This link opens the Google survey results in a spreadsheet where you can search for the folks you want to tip, and send funds directly to them via their direct payment accounts.

    No third party collects, manages, or distributes funds. You will contribute directly to the individuals who register.

  • service-for-tip-jar.jpeg