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    About Us

    Established in 1874, the farm is nestled in the breathtaking Driftess Region of Southern Wisconsin. We raise Black Angus Beef for your dining pleasure. We do not use growth hormones nor feed animal byproducts. Our cattle are pasture and forage fed, with access to grains during finishing. They are always free to roam about at their own will. Since 1999, we have sold our Black Angus Beef products by the individual cut, quarters, halves and wholes. To our knowledge, we were the first farm in the state of Wisconsin to offer a Meat CSA, beginning in 2005. Today we work with a network of Southern Wisconsin farm families like ours to provide nutritious, tasty beef, pork and poultry for your family's culinary pleasure through our robust 3 Meat CSA with pickup sites across Southern Wisconsin from Mineral Point to Milwaukee. We intend to bring you our family raised meat products for years to come; the 5th generation is actively involved and the 6th generation keeps sprouting up all around us.