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    We help hard-working professionals develop a plan to make their money work as hard as they do!

    Personal finance is not about handing your money over to an advisor, or putting it in a retirement plan, and hoping it works out. It's not about diversification. It's about having a plan with the flexibility to deal with changes and life issues.

    This is the cornerstone of our planning philosophy; we call it a business plan for life. It is based on cash flow, tax, and risk impact, rather than products and investments.

    Our clients come to us because they needed help:

    ?Reducing taxes both now and in the future
    ?Planning for protected income in retirement
    ?Creating an investment strategy to reduce risk without giving up potential gains
    ?Coordinating all their retirement accounts so they are not working against each other
    ?Protecting their wealth for themselves and their families

    By creating a Business Plan for Life using our "dream retirement" process, our clients achieve the financial security and clarity they have been looking for in 4 simple steps:

    ??What do you want?
    All planning starts here. As simple as this sounds, it is often overlooked.
    There is not a one size fits all answer. Your situation is unique and the answer is unique to you.

    ??What do you have?
    When you know what you want, we then help you gain a better understanding of what you have. Yes, a financial inventory is a good start, but a spreadsheet isn’t enough.
    What risks are embedded in your plan? What obstacles are in the way of your goals? What opportunities are available to you? All these combined are what you have.

    ??What do you need?
    Focusing on products, investment vehicles or tax strategies is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

    ??What to do?
    The greatest threat is procrastination and the status quo bias!

    Let’s start with a free review. If what you have is good, it will be obvious, and you will have greater confidence knowing that. But if what you have is not good, you need to understand why.

    If you’re ready to start today, to define what you want, review what you have, and plan for your future, then send us a message or schedule a 15-min virtual coffee chat.



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