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    BEC Controls Corp. has been manufacturing high quality, high value industrial and HVAC control components for leading manufacturers and end-users since designing one of the first low air pressure switches in 1958.

    All of our products are manufactured in the United States. This allows us to deliver customized products quickly while still maintaining a high level of quality as well as offering a high level of customer service. We offer customization and special testing for our products including special military requirements.

    We don't discontinue our products. If you are looking for a product that will be around for decades, you came to the right place. Our same rugged switch models that were sold in the 1960s are still being made today. Our transmitters from the 1980s can be direct replaced with our more advanced transmitters today. Our gauge isolators from the 1980s are still available today. We don't manufacture products that we cannot continue to offer for decades in the future. We have been around for over 55 years and plan to be here for over 50 more. Your future supply chain is solid with us.

    We specialize in: Differential, Gauge and Vacuum Pressure Transmitters, Low Pressure Air Switches and Gauge Protectors.